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Hire a motorbike or a bicycle a fantastic way to see the town

18/02/2014 00:33:18

If the traffic in Ho Chi Minh or Hanoi scared you, Hoi An is a good place to learn, and hiring a bike is ideal if you want to explore the town and the surroundings.

You will be riding your own motorbike or bicycle, and will hence enjoy the freedom of being in control of your own destiny – biking along, never rushing, savoring every moment of your exploration. Ah, the life…


Bikes cost around 15,000VND or $1USD per day, and can be hired from just about anywhere. Renting a bicycle from a guesthouse, café or travel agency is a fantastic way to see the town and get some amazing photos!

If you want to rent a motorbike, you can choose to hire a driver or brave the roads by yourself, depending on your skill and sense of balance. Hiring a driver costs between 2-4 US dollars per trip, while renting a motorbike can cost about 5 US dollars for a day’s rental. Both options can be booked through most major hotels in the city, or can be found lining the streets. Or you can bike out to the Hill Tribe towns for very “local” insight into Vietnamese culture and people

Tip for hiring motorbike

•    When using a motorbike, fill up the tank before driving a significant distance. Tanks are often left near-empty by renters on purpose to keep the rental costs down.

•    Compare prices between merchants or haggle for prices. Being a tourist makes you an easy target to earn a few dollars.

•    The condition of many of the bikes and motorbikes is poor at best. Make sure to check the condition before leaving the rental location.

See the real Vietnam with Hoi An Motorbike Adventures    


Experience the real Vietnam where friendly locals and vivid, unspoiled scenery abound. Be part of an adventure on their original, guided tours. They go where no tours go; They stop where no tourists are. They travel on trails few know exist.

Their tours are designed to maximize your personal adventure. Ride famous routes such as the Ho Chi Minh Trail and then be steered into small, country lanes where you can get up close and personal with everyday Vietnamese life. Every tour has its own style.

You can either ride yourself or have an experienced motorbike driver to take you. Alternatively, you can ride on the back of a friend’s bike for only a small payment extra than their cost

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