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Diving site in Cham Island Hoi An

20/02/2014 15:53:11

n the bay, protected by 7 islets and Cham island, fishermen rest in their boats enjoying the safety and calmness of Cham bays.

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IDuring the good season, from the beginning of March to the end of August, the water gets clearer and can offer up to 20 meters underwater visibility, revealing the beautiful coral reefs near all the islets and also the Rang Manh pinnacles, which will make many experienced scuba divers indeed very happy.

In Cham island, where the colorful corals grow down to 15 meters, you will meet all your traditional coral fish – parrot, clown, angel, lion, damsel, pipefish, hollyqueen sweetlips, nudibranches, beautifully colored moray eels, clownfish defending their luxurious anemones – as well as some bigger fish caught visiting: barracudas, sea brasses, needle fish, yellowfins and much more.

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The other things that will strike you will be the stunning colors of the soft coral grapes, which can measure anything from 1m50 to 25 meters. They sometimes grow inside luxurious canyons that the diver follows to find stunning caves which filter the light of the sun, revealing big seabrasses and groupers or a huge blue or pink jelly fish resting between two adventures.

A great site for beginners, with no current, good visibility and shallows depth, Cham island is also a place where experienced divers can enjoy diving to 25 meters, to find a meeting point for hunting fish such as barracudas, seabasses, tuna fish, lion fish and scorpion fish.
5 meters below sea level the divers will visit a great cave and swim-throughs where whole tribes of different fish are enjoying the coral covered walls.

Everywhere around develops a scene of marine life with a whole range of strange shells and schools of fish flying in all directions, spied by smart scorpion fish, lion fish and moray eels, who are themselves observed by the divers, who are themselves supervised by bigger hunting fish, who come to check who are these scary strangers swimming in their food store…

Because Cham Island Marine Park is still an unexplored diving site, many other dive sites and also old wrecks are yet to be discovered. Experienced divers will be welcome to make survey dives with CIDC instructors.

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