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Thuan Tinh Ecological Tourism Zone

only 3 km away from Hoi An ancient town, tourists will find it is very convenient to travel by land or river from Hoi An to here.

Cua Dai Beach - A Melodious Charm

Cua Dai Beach is located in the area of Cam An Ward, about 4km north-east of Hoi An Town, in the Quang Nam Province.


The Old House of Phung Hung is one of the most famous architectural buildings in Hoi An, considered cultural heritage of the town. Visit this ancient home in Hoi An and enjoy the old-world charm.

Japanese covered Bridge The symbol of Hoi An

The Japanese Covered Bridge or Cau Chua Pagoda (in Vietnamese “Cau Nhat Ban”) is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Hoi An, Vietnam. The original Vietnamese name of this bridge is “Lai Vien Kieu”.

Cham Island history

Cham islands are supposed to be the first place where Cham people landed, coming to Quang Nam Province from Indonesia (small monuments, dikes and basin to grow up rice on terraces are hidden in the forest, 17th century pagodas and small temples in the two villages).