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Restaurant in Hoi An

18/02/2014 00:13:23

Hoi An is famous tourist spot in Vietnam. It is a very tiny town with loads of tourist attractions. Hoi An is also a feast for the stomach as well as the eyes.

Various international dishes are available in Hoi An such as European cuisine, Asian cuisine, Chinese cuisine, Japanese cuisine and many more. However, to have the taste of Hoi An, you have to look for the local cuisine in the local restaurants.


Local specialties include cao lau (rice noodles with fresh greens, rice crackers, and croutons), white rose dumplings of shrimp in clear rice dough, and large, savory fried won tons. Good, fresh seafood is available everywhere (don’t miss the morning market). There are some new high-end options in town alongside some popular standbys, and each of the resorts has its own fine dining. The riverfront road, Bach Dang, has become the de facto “restaurant row,” but if you take a stroll down here any time in the day, you’re sure to be besieged by some friendly but persistent touts who’ll drag you bodily into their restaurants. All the places along Bach Dang are comparable in price and cuisine (fried rice and noodles), and it’s sometimes fun to let the restaurant choose you.

Note: If you do eat on Bach Dang, choose a table a bit off the street and say a consistent and calm “No” to the many young Tiger Balm and chewing-gum salesman if you’d like a quiet meal.

Among the various restraints some are listed below for your help. You may also click on those links to know detailed information about those restaurants in Hoi An. Cheap restaurants are also there that suit your pocket. So go ahead and enjoy the delicious dishes of Hoi An cuisine.

1/ Ngoc Tuyet Restaurant


Add: 43 Tran Hung Dao St Hoi An

2/ Brother Cafe

Add: 29-31 Phan Boi Chau Hoi An

3/ Hai Scout Cafe

Add: 98 Nguyen Thai Hoc St

4/ Miss Ly Cafeteria

Add: 22 Nguyen Hue St Hoi An

5/ Treats Bar & Cafe

Add: 158 Tran Phu St Hoi An

6/ White Lantern

Add: 11 Nhi Trung St Hoi An

7/ Tam Tam Café

Add: 110 Nguyen Thai Hoc St.

8/ Cafe des Amis

Add: 52 Bach Dang St Hoi An

9/ Riverside Restaurant


Add: 58 Bach Dang St Hoi An

10/ Omar’s Indian Restaurant

Add: 14 Phan Dinh Phung St

11/ Hoi An Hai San (seafood)

Add: 64 Bach Dang St Hoi An

12/ White Rose  Restaurant

Add: 533 Hai Ba Trung St Hoi An

13/ Thi Nhan

Add: 128 Cua Dai, Cam Chau Hoi An.

14/ Pha Cafe

Add: 99 Bach Dang St Hoi An

15/ BoBo Cafe

Add: 18 Le Loi St

16/ Cargo Club Restaurant & Patisserie

Add: 107-109  Nguyen Thai Hoc St